Why a Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

Vinyl liners have always made up the majority of in ground swimming pools built in Indiana; however, despite their size constraints fiberglass pools are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, fiberglass pools are the only segment of the in ground pool market that has been growing in market share. Your time is your most valuable resource and homeowners are making a decision to invest in a fiberglass pool because it provides pool owners with the least amount of time they will spend on maintenance.

Fiberglass pools provide the following benefits to pool owners:

  • Less Maintenance and Chemical Costs – Compared to traditional pools types, our non- abrasive and non-porous fiberglass pool surface properties inhibit the growth of algae thus reducing the amount of time and chemicals needed to maintain the pool.
  • No Liner Replacement, Plastering, or Painting – Any other type of pool surface will require long term maintenance or replacement.
  • Beautifully Crafted Designs – In every fiberglass pool design you will find strategically placed benches, sun ledges, step-outs and more… This not only makes the pools perfect for play but for getting the most fun and function out of every design.
  • High End Options Without The Costs – Fiberglass pools can offer you high end options traditionally found in concrete pools without the costs associate with a traditional concrete construction. For example, our Infinity pool design with its vanishing edge will cost significantly less than it would in a concrete project. Ceramic tile, benches and shallow lounging areas are all common examples of how fiberglass pools add beauty without the price or the upkeep required with a concrete pool.
  • Pet Friendly – Pets are family too. We know they are going to want to swim and keeping them out is just more hassle than it is worth. Thankfully, fiberglass pools are known to be the most pet friendly pool surface. It is also important to note that fiberglass pools are typically design with several entry/ exit points which make it safer for your pet who will be just as curious about a pool as a child would be.
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