The Benefits of a Vinyl Liner Pool in Indianapolis

When looking for what type of pool to have installed in your backyard look no further than a vinyl-liner pool. Vinyl-lined pools can be more cost effective than concrete pools.  Vinyl lining also doesn’t harbor algae growth like a concrete or gunite pool would. A non-porous surface (a surface that neither water or air can penetrate) leads to less chemical usage during the season, therefore saving you money from always having to apply chemicals, and constantly having to subject maintenance to your pool. The surface is flexible and does not crack, like you would see in concrete pools. Concrete pools can crack and cause you to lose water, especially living in the harsh conditions of the Midwest.

One of the great advantages of vinyl lining is how smooth the vinyl leaves the bottom coating of your pool. Vinyl is not rough on the feet while you stand in the pool or wade through the water. Vinyl leaves a smooth coating all around the pool, so that your feet or hands never get scraped up like they would dragging across a hard coating of concrete.  You never have to worry about repainting or re-plastering the vinyl surface because it is flexible vinyl can stretch and not tear. The vinyl will last you for decades on end. Having to replace the vinyl is a rare occasion that only occurs maybe every 10 years. Vinyl lined pools are constructed with steel walls with a vinyl lining on top making them very safe and sturdy. Plus, the best part about having a vinyl-lined pool is that design options are unlimited because of the flexibility of the vinyl, sizes and shapes are limitless. Let Hendrick Pool design and install your next swimming pool in the greater Indianapolis area for your backyard retreat.

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