Have a question related to pool maintenance? Here is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions regarding pool servicing and maintenance. If you can’t find the answer to your question in this list, feel free to give us a call at 317-335-2660.

  • How do I check my pool's pH and chlorine levels?

    To test your pool’s levels of pH and Chlorine you must use a Test Kit to get the correct reading. Use the Test Kit by dipping the Test Strip into the pool and removing it. After you remove the Test Strip from the water observe the color change that happened on the Strip. Also make note that the reading should read between 1 PPM and 3 PPM for Chlorine and 7.2 to 7.8 on pH. Now compare the reading that you observed on the Test Strip and compare it to the information provided on the Test Kit and adjust accordingly. If you would like to bring in a sample to our retail store, we can test the water for you. Also, our retail store offers free water testing and water testing bottles for our customers.

  • How often should I check my pool's chemical levels?

    We recommend that you check your pool’s chemical level twice a week, in normal conditions. If you do find that a chemical imbalance is present, you should proceed to check the chemical level everyday until it is balanced. Once the pool has returned to a balanced chemical level, you may resume to checking twice a week.

  • How are leaks in my pool repaired?

    If you are experiencing a leak in your pool as a result from a tear in the Pool Liner, purchasing a Patch Kit can repair it. A Patch Kit can be used under water so there is no need to drain the pool to fix the tear in the liner. If you have a leak due to plumbing or a leak that you cannot find, it may be necessary to call our Pool Company for further inspection and for professional evaluation.

  • What’s there to know about an Automatic Pool Cover?

    Having an Automatic Pool Cover keeps the pool clean as well as the cover itself, since it will be free of debris. Also an Automatic Pool Cover will not end up falling in the pool when you are opening the pool. But it is important that all the water is off the Automatic Pool Cover when opening the pool. Three- fourths of an inch of water on a standard 20×40 pool cover will weigh out to 4,000 pounds, causing unneeded wear and tear on the equipment. It may be necessary to only open the pool ¾ of the way and replace the cover pump back on the cover to rid the cover of the excess water before opening completel

  • How often should I vacuum my pool?

    Determining if your pool needs vacuumed is different for every customer on how dirty the pool may be. A clean pool helps the appearance and chemistry of your pool water, so it is important to keep the pool as clean as possible to make life easier for you to enjoy the crystal clear water. Pools left dirty for a long period of time may cause stains to the liner where the debris has laid. If you feel vacuuming your pool requires too much time, please call us and ask for information regarding our Robotic Pool Cleaners.

  • What should my pool’s water level be?

    Pool water should be maintained to the working level at all times, which means that skimmers and the basket should be kept clean of all debris, which in return provides better circulation and filtration of the pool’s water.

  • Winter Pool Care

    What’s the water level need to be all year around (middle of the skimmer)

    Keep the water off the pool cover, maintain water level, put cover pump in garage, store inside during freezing and pump excess off when thawing

    Pump the clean water back in to the pool if you need to add water and the water is clean on cover

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