Important Tips for Maintaining Your Pool Over the Winter


Cover Pump- Any excess water that collects on your pool cover needs to be pumped off as soon as possible. Large amounts of water on your pool cover for extended periods of time may result in the water being pushed out of the pool and lowering your water level.


Water Level- The water level of your pool should remain consistent to where your water level is immediately following the closing, which for most pools remains to the middle of the skimmer, unless your pool has a tile boarder. It is important to check your water level and maintain it due to the fact that if ground water were to increase to an amount larger than your amount of pool water this can cause wrinkles in the liner and other issues. But also, for the customers with Automatic Pool Covers it is imperative to maintain a water level that fully supports the cover especially with the accumulation of snow and ice to avoid any unnecessary tension on the cover.


Chemicals- Without knowing what kind of winter to expect it is important to keep chemicals on hand throughout the winter. With the fluctuation in the weather it is important that you add the necessary chemicals (Chlorine, Metal-Free, Algaecides, etc.) to combat the different temperatures. So please be sure to have chemicals on hand or call us and we can treat you pool accordingly. When this is done it leads to a much easier and potentially much cheaper pool opening come spring.

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