Important Tips for Maintaining Your Pool Over the Winter

  Cover Pump- Any excess water that collects on your pool cover needs to be pumped off as soon as possible. Large amounts of water on your pool cover for extended periods of time may result in the water being pushed out of the pool and lowering your water level.   Water Level- The water […]

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Why a Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

Vinyl liners have always made up the majority of in ground swimming pools built in Indiana; however, despite their size constraints fiberglass pools are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, fiberglass pools are the only segment of the in ground pool market that has been growing in market share. Your time is your most valuable resource and homeowners are […]

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The Benefits of a Vinyl Liner Pool in Indianapolis

When looking for what type of pool to have installed in your backyard look no further than a vinyl-liner pool. Vinyl-lined pools can be more cost effective than concrete pools.  Vinyl lining also doesn’t harbor algae growth like a concrete or gunite pool would. A non-porous surface (a surface that neither water or air can […]

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Top Ten Reasons to Own a Swimming Pool

10. Host a great party Your friends and family will always love to see an invite from you to your pool party. Your house will be the best house on the block. 9. Be the envy of the neighborhood The beautiful pool in your yard will have your neighbors wishing they could have their own […]

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Swimming Pools for Fun and Exercise in Indianapolis

Grab a towel, pack some snacks, throw on your flip-flops, and head to the back yard. What’s better than having a vacation spot in Indianapolis within walking distance of every amenity at your household? A swimming pool can be a sparkling blue oasis in your backyard if you’re looking for a way to escape the […]

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